EKG/ECG National Exam Prep

EKG/ECG National Exam Prep in Hollywood, Florida

The EKG/ECG National Certification preparation technician program at Hollywood Career Institute is a 3 week program designed to prepare the student for National Certification Exam.

An EKG technician is a cardiology technologist with specialized training in operating equipment used to measure the patient’s heart performance. A EKG Technician performs a EKG by attaching electrodes to a patient’s body and recording the electrical impulses transmitted by a patient’s heart with an EKG – also known as an electrocardiogram – the technician provides the data to the patient’s physician for later in-depth analysis.

EKG technician’s are typically employed in , private cardiology, hospitals, clinics, and/or laboratories, and generally work standard 40 hour work weeks with the occasional weekend.

Duties of A EKG Tech

  • Oversee EKG test procedures
  • Record EKG readings
  • Perform stress tests
  • Provide EKG test data to physicans
  • Help oversee EKG test procedures


  • ECG technician
  • Electrocardiogram Technician
  • Cardiovascular Technician

The Future of A EKG Technician:

As the Baby Boom generation ages, more people will need medical attention, and EKG tech jobs reflect that. According to the BLS, cardiovascular/vascular technologist and technician jobs will grow by 29% between 2010 and 2020, which is much faster than the average job.

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