Medical Industry in Hollywood, Florida

The Importance of First Aid Training

First aid is something that we may never have to use for our entire lives but it is still a skill that is vital and valuable to know in the event you do need it. Hollywood Career Institute offers CNA classes and healthcare training as a training school in Hollywood, Florida. Our programs include superb … Continue reading

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Route of Medication Administration

The field of healthcare has always baffled us in many ways. Through scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs, we were able to face the horrors of diseases, illnesses and injuries head on. But one of the things that may bug your mind is the question why can ordinary people not administer medicines. Do you think administering … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About CPR

Emergency situations are one thing we can never avoid. Nobody can predict where it will happen. Whether we are on the road or inside our sweet abode, all of us are vulnerable to accidents, unfortunate circumstances and inevitabilities. Nobody can also tell when these situations happen. It can occur tomorrow, later or even now. When … Continue reading

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