About Us

Healthcare Training in Hollywood, Florida

Our Mission:

Hollywood Career Institute is committed to providing comprehensive training in allied health education that will inspire individuals to acquire knowledge and skills to be productive members of society, to develop their creativity, and to strive for personnel experience. Hollywood Career Institute’s goal is to prepare individuals to enter the healthcare field and work in inpatient and outpatient medical facilities. Hollywood Career Institute is committed to reviewing this purpose at least annually and determining what additional training programs and student services are needed to meet the demands of the community it serves.

About us:

Situated in Hollywood, Florida, Hollywood Career Institute is your perfect choice as you pursue a new career. We have helped lots of individuals achieve their goals and to be highly-competent in their career choice.

Hollywood Career Institute, our training school in Hollywood, Florida understands that due to its continuous growth, the medical industry certainly needs healthcare professionals who can meet the needed skills and qualifications specified by most hospitals and other healthcare institutions. As the medical industry grows and improves, we also enhance our training methodologies and approach in order for us to achieve excellence in the medical training industry.

Our biggest aim is to provide leading-edge, results-oriented classes and training programs that are necessary for the fulfillment of your career goals. We mold individuals to be highly skilled healthcare professionals who are flexible and knowledgeable and are able to meet the highest standards of the industry. Our school is composed of knowledgeable instructors who are experienced in the medical field. You can rely on their expertise and assistance for you to pass the exams and receive the certifications/licenses you earnestly deserve.

We don’t just specialize in healthcare training, but we also offer Real Estate, Community Association Management courses, and much more. Our training programs are diverse and expanded to help the individual succeed.

Hollywood Career Institute has modern training classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment as well as manuals needed in the entire course. We offer weekday, evening, and weekend classes to match your preferred schedule. You can be confident because you have come to the right and reliable training school who will give you real success.

Hollywood Career Institute is affiliated with many different organizations such as the National Health Career Association (NHA), National Testing for EKG/Phlebotomy and Prometric.