Should You Pursue a Career as a Med Tech?

Should You Pursue a Career as a Med Tech?

Are you considering pursuing the career path of being a medical technologist (med-tech)? This behind-the-scenes role is not so well-known, but it is a career that involves chemistry, biology, and medicine. As a provider of healthcare training in Florida, we have trained several aspirants into successful medical technologists.

Here are some things you may want to know about being a med-tech:

  • Duties
    Med techs usually determine the normal and abnormal components of body fluids, analyze blood samples, prepare fluids for transfusions, maintain laboratory supplies, and assist the medical team with diagnosis and treatment
  • Courses to expect
    A typical med tech program contains courses in biology, chemistry, genetics, phlebotomy, immunology, and others.
  • Becoming licensed
    Some states do not require med techs to be licensed. If you are required to, you will need to pass an exam, have 12-24 contact hours in the last two years, and be a graduate from a bachelor’s degree program in the last 24 months.
  • Gaining experience
    You can gain experience as a med-tech through working in clinics, assisting in a laboratory, or working as a patient care technician.
  • Salary
    The salary for med-techs varies per state and would also vary with your experience, certification, and specialization. However, the monthly average is around $54,000 annually.

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