Study Strategies to Prepare for the NCLEX Exam

Study Strategies to Prepare for the NCLEX Exam

Passing the NCLEX is essential to any nurse’s career. It determines whether or not you will receive nursing licensure. It has various question types requiring aspiring nurses to not only review content but also familiarize themselves with the question and answer format. As a provider of healthcare training in Florida, we help aspiring nurses with their test preparations.Here are some of the proven study strategies we recommend:

  • Don’t wait too long after nursing school to take the test.
    Give yourself ample time to rest but don’t put your exam off for too long.
  • Get in the mind of the test makers.
    A lot of the answers they give you in multiple-choice questions are right but they are not necessarily the best answers. Take note of keywords in tests that test makers use to determine the right answer.
  • Work through practice questions and tests.
    Answering practice questions and learning from the questions you miss can help prepare for the test better than just reading.
  • Focus on tough question types.
    Practice on question types such as the “Check all that apply” questions as a mistake in these questions makes the entire answer wrong.
  • Pay attention to your timing and understand the structure.
    Dial-in your pacing during practice so you don’t spend too much time on any question.

Of course, the best advice would be to get in a review class that will make your preparation easier. Come on over to Hollywood Career Institute. We offer various training programs including NCLEX classes, Med Tech training, and CNA training in Hollywood, Florida.

We also offer other classes such as med-tech, behavioral health tech, and CPR classes.

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