What You’ll Learn From a Phlebotomy Technician Training

What You'll Learn From a Phlebotomy Technician Training

Phlebotomy is the practice of extracting blood from the veins for blood donation, medical testing, or other uses. To become proficient at this practice, you need to be a phlebotomy technician, which also means you’ll have to undergo to necessary healthcare training in Florida for it.

What Will You Learn?

Once you go for a phlebotomy technician training class, you’ll be able to learn a lot of skills and concepts related to phlebotomy. Here are some that are worth noting:

  • Blood collection procedures. As the core of the phlebotomy practice, you’ll be learning venipuncture techniques. Venipuncture techniques vary if you’re a newborn, a senior, etc.
  • Lab safety practices. Phlebotomy draws blood samples and these samples must not be contaminated. Thus, one who aspired to be a phlebotomy technician must keep all the lab safety practices in mind. Paying attention to lab safety practices can prevent you from getting infected with contaminated blood samples.
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Cell, and Blood Makeup. It is imperative that you learn all about the living body. The more familiar you are with it, the better phlebotomy technician you become.

Undergoing the phlebotomy training class can improve your qualifications in the healthcare industry. Any professional in the healthcare industry can undergo the said training, specifically, nurses with CNA training in Hollywood, Florida, doctors, or specialized technicians.

Kindly message Hollywood Career Institute if you want to book a spot for our next phlebotomy technician training class. You can also send us your inquiry for our other training classes such as home health aide training and CPR class.

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