A Reminder for All Nurses: Don’t Forget to Look After Yourself

A Reminder for All Nurses: Don’t Forget to Look After YourselfYou are our heroes. You do all the little things that matter. You make our hospital stay easier. And lastly, you are the reason why we are now going back to society.

Nurses, we cannot thank you enough for the services you have rendered. For that, from the bottom of our hearts, here are some reminders the staff in Hollywood Career Institute has for you:

  • Take that bathroom break

    You, of all people, know too well about the consequences of not emptying your bladder. You go room to room, checking the number of times the patients released their waste. However, you fail to take a bathroom break for yourself.

    It is good to prioritize your patient’s well-being above all things, but do not sacrifice your own health in the process.

  • Celebrate holidays with a smile

    Thinking about not being home for the holiday sucks. Your shift stops you from enjoying that turkey in Thanksgiving or opening your present on the Christmas Eve. But you know what, you can still be happy.

    Though you are not at home celebrating the holidays, wear your holiday smile. It is one thing no one can take away from you.

  • Be mindful of your alcohol intake

    You are depressed. All those midnight shifts are driving you insane. You cannot maintain your social life anymore. You missed out on a lot of events because of your line of work. But that does not mean you should drown yourself in alcohol as a form of release from those problems.

    We do not have to lecture you about the dangers of alcohol overdose. We believe you took enough CNA Classes for that. But please remind yourself to drink in moderation.

  • Connect with people who matter

    As we said, we totally get why you prefer to drink alcohol or sleep instead of going out with friends or family. After all, it is tough being a nurse. People’s lives depend on you. So we cannot blame you if you only want to sleep on your breaks or at the end of your shift.

    But always prioritize your loved ones too. Connect with people who matter to your life, and not just your patients. Party with your friends once in a while, go on a date with your special someone, eat out with your family. They are the reason why you are working so hard, right?

  • Spend time on your professional growth

    Though we learn most from our work experience, we believe that you can improve more through Healthcare training.

    You can apply what you learned and improve the well-being of your patients. Plus, you can even talk with your fellow nurses who share the same sentiments as you.

As a Training School in Hollywood Florida, we do not only teach our nurses what they need to know but we also remind them what matters.

Do you have a nurse who deserves your thanks? Comment your experience below and let’s thank our heroes.

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