Do I Really Need to Train to Perform CPR?

Do I Really Need to Train to Perform CPR?

Thanks to movies and the internet, many of us already have an idea of what CPR is and how it’s performed. You may even have read about CPR basics at some point in your life.

However, knowing what it is and how it’s done in theory, does not equate to knowing how to perform it in real life. You need to have healthcare training in Florida first if you want to save lives.

Why? Aren’t watching videos and reading enough?

Definitely not. Despite how easy it looks in videos, there’s a technique behind pumping someone’s chest to keep them alive. The proper application of this skill can be the difference between life and death. This isn’t something that you can simply learn on YouTube. You need a CPR class and an ample amount of practice.

With training, you are raising the chances of survival of the person that you’re trying to save. You’re less likely to freeze up when faced with a difficult situation. You’ll be able to have a clear mind and calmness to take charge of the situation and avoid potential mishaps.

So if you’ve hesitated to take formal CPR training before because you think it isn’t necessary, think again. Talk to us at Hollywood Career Institute, so we can help you get started.

We also provide CNA training in Hollywood, Florida. Contact us today.

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