What You Need to Know About CPR

What to Know About CPREmergency situations are one thing we can never avoid. Nobody can predict where it will happen. Whether we are on the road or inside our sweet abode, all of us are vulnerable to accidents, unfortunate circumstances and inevitabilities. Nobody can also tell when these situations happen. It can occur tomorrow, later or even now. When emergency situations happen, how ready are you?

Preparedness in case of emergencies is one of the many reasons that made Hollywood Career Institute promote Healthcare Training in S. 21 Avenue Hollywood Florida. We believe that the best way to combat unavoidable circumstances is to be prepared through having both knowledge and training. You need to have the knowledge on medical procedures you need to undertake or to administer in order to save a life and you need to have the necessary training to make the procedure successful.

Good thing we answer those needs in our Healthcare Training in S. 21 Avenue Hollywood Florida. We provide the necessary training in order to hone the skills of healthcare professionals in Florida so that the rest of the Floridian populace can enjoy quality healthcare services. One skill a person needs to know; no matter if they are in the field of healthcare or just an ordinary citizen, is how to properly administer CPR.

Hollywood Career Institute now shares to you through the facts you need to know about CPR and how handy it is when an emergency happen.

What is CPR?

  • CPR is short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • It is a procedure deemed very useful and is even a lifesaver in emergency situations
  • It is given to patients whose breathing or heartbeat has ceased
  • This procedure can be administered especially after episodes of:
    • Drowning
    • Electric shock
    • Heart attack
    • And many more to mention

Who needs CPR?

Anybody could need CPR, your child, your loved one, your parents, your friend, or even a stranger. This procedure saves the lives of people from all ages especially those who have experienced:

  • Accidents
    This can range from typical or unfortunate house accidents to outdoor and road accidents.
  • Near-drowning
    There are many incidents of drowning in the United States of America and most of these cases include children. Parents believe that they can tell whether the child is drowning when he or she screams for help. But it does not work that way. A child or even an adult can drown normally and as quietly as a cat sneaking on its prey.
  • Suffocation
    From fashions gone wrong to diseases and illnesses taking its toll on the patient to eating, suffocation can happen at any time and any place.
  • Poisoning
  • Smoke inhalation
    We do not talk about the simple inhalation of smoke in this matter. These events can happen when patients were in a burning building and when they inhaled too much smoke that it caused them to faint.
  • Electrocution injuries
  • Suspected sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS

What happens during CPR?

When a patient needs CPR, it is mostly due to the reason that his or her airway is blocked or their heart failed on them. To respond to these events, a person needs to give CPR. The concept behind the procedure is a combination of rescue breathing and chest compressions.

  • Rescue breathing
    In movies, we see the romance of a random person saving a person he or she barely knew and giving a mouth-to-mouth procedure. This is what we call rescue breathing. It is like the same concept when a mother bird feeds its offspring. Aside from the romance it brings, this allows oxygen to travel back to the patient’s lungs.
  • Chest compressions
    This procedure is given before or after rescue breathing. It is done through placing both hands on the person’s chest and continually pumping to the person’s heart rhythm. This procedure allows oxygen-rich blood to continue flowing until the restoration of the heartbeat and breathing of the patient.

If these won’t be given properly and immediately, permanent brain damage or even death can occur! This is what happens if the blood flow within our body stops.

Who gives CPR?

The good news about all this is that with proper training, anyone can administer CPR. Like we mentioned awhile ago, CPR is a dangerous procedure if not properly administered. It can either save or kill a suffering individual. That is why in order to not screw things up, if you want to be trained on how to properly give CPR, you should enroll to quality institutions that provide healthcare training.

Where can you be trained to administer CPR?

There are many places where you can be trained to do CPR but only Hollywood Career Institute gives quality Healthcare Training in S. 21 Avenue Hollywood Florida. We do not only train our students on CPR but also other programs that will indubitably increase the quality of healthcare services in Florida.

How did CPR change you or any of your acquaintances’ lives? Share your answers on the comment down below. If you want to enroll to our healthcare programs, you can visit us at www.hollywoodcareerinstitute.com.

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