GED® Preparation

The GED® General Education Development Preparation program is available to those students who do not have a high school diploma and intend to enroll in a Workforce Education Program. This course provides individualized instruction in preparation for the GED® test and allows you to work at your own pace. The GED® Preparation course includes the four subject areas measured on the GED® test:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Science
  • Social Studies

We offer the GED® preparation course in person and online. For more information, please call 954-866-3220.

Prior to enrolling in the GED® preparation course, you will need to complete the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) placement test. The TABE test is offered in different locations near the campus. Once you are ready to enroll in our GED preparation, we will guide you on how and where to register to take your test. The TABE test consists of 3 sections, Reading, Language, and Math, and may take more than one day (appx. 4 ½ hours each day) to complete all sections. If you need resources to study for the TABE test, you can find it in the link below:

Take Your GED® Test

The GED® test on computer offers test-takers:

  • Same day scoring
  • 24/7 registration and scheduling online.
  • Flexible testing and pay-as-you-go options.
  • Detailed score report including college and career readiness information.
  • An electronic, secure diploma and Smart Transcript
  • Online access to view, print, and request a professionally printed diploma free of charge.

The GED® test must be taken in person at an official GED® testing center. Register today at A testing fee of $32 per subject is required. Credit card payments are made online at the time of registration.

The GED® test contains 4 content areas:

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts – 150 minutes
  • Mathematical Reasoning – 115 minutes
  • Science – 90 minutes
  • Social Studies – 70 minutes

GED® Test Passing Scores: (145 -164) per subject; GED® College Ready Scores (165-174); GED® College Ready + Credit (175-200)

Must be 18 years of age, however, 16 or 17-year-olds may be eligible if they meet the underage.

Broward County requirements are listed below:

  • Provide official proof of withdrawal from high school.
  • Pass all four (4) subjects of the GED Ready Practice Test, which must be taken in a proctored environment, under the supervision of a school official, on our campus.
  • If a passing score on all (4) four subjects is met, the candidate will complete the CTACE GED Underage Waiver Application, which must be signed by a parent/guardian and notarized.
    A school official from the proctored test site will fill in the GED Ready Scores and submit the documents to the GED Testing Office for approval.

    If a passing score on one or more subjects is not met, the candidate must enroll in our GED Preparation course to remediate and re-test.

  • A school official must submit the GED Underage Waiver and proof of high school withdrawal to the district GED coordinator for approval.

The GED office cannot accept these documents from a parent or student.
We highly encourage all underage students to enroll in a preparation course to ensure their success on the GED Ready Practice Test.
To enroll in a GED Preparation course, please call 954-866-3220 or visit us in person.

To schedule an appointment for the GED Ready Practice Test at Hollywood Career Institute, please email: or call 954-866-3220.

Frequent Asked Questions:

What is the cost of the test?
Cost for the GED Test: $128.00
What will my diploma say?
Your diploma will have the words “State of Florida” and “High School Diploma” on it. It is just as valid as the diploma given at any state high school.
Which score do I have on the TABE test to be able to enroll in the program?
Your TABE score must be of a 9.0 level or higher.
What is the cost of the program?
You can find information on campus.
How long will it take before I am ready for the test?
The GED preparation program allows students to work at their own pace. Each student enters at a different level and dedicates varying amounts of time to studying for the GED. In order to remain enrolled, students must meet the program attendance requirement. Regular attendance in the GED Lab will allow a student to complete the program faster. When a student feels ready to take the exam, a practice test is highly recommended. The practice test has been shown to be a very good predictor of a student’s score on the test. If the score on this practice test shows the student is ready, we will assist the student in registering for the GED Exam.
What about books and materials?
All GED learning materials are in the classroom. There is no textbook required. However, if you want to study at home, please discuss this with the instructor.

After Graduation/ Completion

Many opportunities await you upon completion:

  • Peer Mentoring Program
  • Career counseling
  • Resume assistance
  • Job fairs where you may meet with potential employers.
  • Easy transition to vocational programs at Hollywood Career Institute
  • Academic advising

Accommodation is available with prior approval. More information is provided on the website.