Phlebotomy National Exam Prep

Phlebotomy National Exam Prep in Florida

Hollywood Career Institute offers Phlebotomy Prep workshop that aims to provide information and skills in collecting blood specimens for monitoring medical conditions and laboratory analysis purposes. This program will also help students learn the proper skills in performing venipunctures and processing specimens in a hospital or clinical setting.
This workshop can also be a great enhancement to a CNA license and/or be qualified for National examination
Topics include the following but are not limited to:

Infection Control Phlebotomy Introduction Venipuncture Human Anatomy and Physiology Blood Collection

Our workshop are 2 weeks Day and Night
With in house lab for your hands on training (no outside internship)

Come visit our location to get the full experience
Our instructor is a working phlebotomist for 10 years as an educator with local Lab, and hospitals
get the full training to give you the confidence you need to Get A Job

You will be using a state of the art training facility as well as practicing all your necessary
pokes to be eligible for National EXAM (Venipuncture ,Capillaries ,Butterflies) All in a sterile environment
**Hands on training is crucial to gain employment in this field***

At our Training School in Hollywood, Florida, this workshop includes clinical trainings, lab practice, activities, training sessions and interactive lectures to prepare you for the Phlebotomy examinations.